My therapeutic perspective is based on existential-phenomenological, holistic, and feminist concepts. I work with individuals, couples, and families. I listen to you reflectively, seeking to understand with you how your family and socio-cultural history influence your present experience, and helping to mirror back to you aspects of yourself this may be unclear or that may hold important but unacknowledged insight. 

Together, we talk about modes and patterns you're noticing in your life. We examine with curiosity and compassion how you got here. We look for ways to gently interrupt patterns that aren't working, and we look for opportunities to celebrate what's working just fine. The relationship is the key element in our work. 

I have over twenty years of experience working, writing, and training in the field of psychology. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with a Minor certificate in Human Sexuality) from San Francisco State University in 1994. Following graduation I managed the acquisitions department for New Harbinger Publications in Oakland, CA, where I acquired, researched, and developed psychology manuscripts for release to self-help and professional audiences. I was a freelance writer and editor for the years I stayed home with my young children, and eventually heeded the call to pursue my Master’s degree from the peerless existential-phenomenological therapeutic psychology program at Seattle University.

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Kristin Beck, MA, LMHCA

(206) 429-5369


“Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at

the beginning of something else.” - Fred Rogers